Apples & Other Languages - Camilla Nelson
Bella Figura
In the Abstract
- Sandra Porter Neil Joyce Pennie Elfick JUNE 2018
A Wide Field of View - Aliceson Carter Julia Davenne MARCH 2018
Just Moments - Steve Hawkins JANUARY 2018
Face Place Plant - Charlotte Harker Jitka Palmer OCTOBER 2017
Man and Machinery - Lil Dunham SEPTEMBER 2017
This is an Ocean Liner - Kate Boxer Edith Karlson Patricia Jordan Sarah Coward Jitka Palmer JULY 2017
Life - Mikki Rain & Jitka Palmer MAY 2017
Cut Flowers - Lorna Brunstein Richard White Andrew Walworth APRIL 2017
The English - Ian Berry (Ash Mills, Rose Eva) FEBRUARY 2017
People - Tony Connolly Rose Eva Patricia Jordan David Harrison Sandrine Maubeche Mikki Rain Sarah Swann Andrew Walworth Harriet White OCTOBER 2016
The Pleasure of Bathing - Patricia Jordan JUNE 2016
The Silent Exchange - Charlie Waite APRIL 2016