Vincent Poole, Perish the Thought and Nicola Wallis

Friday 3 May to Sunday 19 May

Vincent Poole
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The Aupair framed 90cmx150cm
After studying fine art, Vincent Poole’s focus moved towards graphic design and art direction which led him to a successful 10-year career as an art director in leading London advertising agencies.
The experience gained during this period has been a powerful influence on his work over the last 8 years. Strong, dynamic, typographical and iconic images, sourced and influenced from advertising and branding, now feature strongly in all Vincent’s collages.

His signature work combines graphics and fine art, as people, brands, objects and marketing materials are linked with specific London locations; from City professionals in EC4, to streetwalkers in Kings Cross to south London wide boys.
Vincent’s collages are printed on to materials that diffuse light emphasising the vibrant surface colours whilst creating coloured shadows. Other collages mix black and white photography with backlit coloured Perspex backgrounds.
Vincent’s work is highly regarded and has been acquired by numerous international corporate, public and private collections.

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Vincent Poole

Perish The Thought
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Above - pick n mix 1 118cmx138cm in white frame.

launched in 2017 to produce consumer/Pop Art influenced artworks. Since its inception in the summer of 2017 artworks by the Perish The Thought studio have been shown and sold in London, New York, Singapore, Brussels with a joint show of Perish The Thought and Vincent Poole this summer in Portugal. Next month the work will again be shown in HK and later in the summer New York again. The artworks appear to be having an appeal across a huge age spectrum because the artworks have a nostalgic childhood content married with a very contemporary process of 3D presentation.
Nicola Wallis
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Above - BUZZ

Born 1981 in Darlington, Nicola completed a BA Honours at Northumbria University in 2003 and went on to gain an MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art, London in 2006 with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Following on from the Slade she was given the Adrian Carruthers Award, which enabled her to continue her practice for a further year. Nicola has since continued to work as a full-time artist in London until a recent home and studio relocation to Mere, Wiltshire.
She describes her works as a simple play of geometry influenced by architecture, fashion and modernist practices of fabrication. Forms are worked out in advance using foam board before being fabricated from wood. The painting process is more instinctive and is adapted and developed throughout the painting process.
Approaching the sculptural, these works cast shadows which shift and change in the light whilst their painted surfaces explore the materiality of paint and its' application, painting as process and the interaction of color. Paint application and painting techniques give a sense of depth whilst color is used to give a sense of both movement and energy; it is used in way to describe the paradoxes between light, space and form, which encourage the viewer to experience them as three-dimensional paintings.

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Nicola Wallis